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How to write an essay

Remember! When you choose a genre of essays, you can allow yourself to be subjective, to focus on a partial, and not on the main. You can allow yourself to express controversial considerations, giving a minimum of evidence. However, on the other hand, it can be dangerous as well. When you write as you want it is not a fact that your work will be original and interesting.

There are many ways to write a successful essay. Here are some of them.

Effective beginning Presentation is critical component of the essay. The reader determines for himself whether he should read your essay. There are several approaches to start an essay.

Standard (most common). It is necessary to answer to six questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. Answers to these inquiries will enable the peruser to comprehend what’s in store.

Unexpected. It can be anything but the reader should be surprised or shocked.

Effective. The image of the process by itself, and the consequences will flow further. This approach is convenient for short essays.

Authoritarian. Offers information in an orderly manner to create an impression of the author’s confidence only in himself.

Informative. The reader immediately receives data about what will be composed in the essay.

Quotes. A well-chosen quotation immediately attracts the attention of the reader (it is not recommended to use the proverb it is commonplace).

Dialogue. On the one hand, such a start stimulates the reader as a participant in the dialogue. On the other hand, it can be just a flow of thoughts with rhetorical questions.

Chronology of the essay. Write about the sequence of events (but do not write too much about it, essay can be boring). Just remember about the time Try not to endeavor to portray everything that happened in a particular period in trifles.

Description essay. The main feature of such an essay is the bright imagery of the work, where you have to use different creative words and interesting details that will impress the reader for a long time.

Comparison. This technique is mainly used in relation to a question in an essay that needs to be described, for example, experience or failure.

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Help in writing a review

Before going into all serious, we will define the very concept. Overview – a description of the properties of a product, its pros, cons, ways of using and other boring stuff. This is a simple in form and content content, which is always in demand. It is always pleasant when caring authors relieve the reader of the many hours of studying reviews, comparing characteristics and other not very interesting activities.

Review articles are divided into two types:

About several products at once.

About one and only product.

They vary widely both in purpose and in the level of reader involvement, and in the approach to writing. First we will understand with comparative materials. As an example, let’s take an article about cars.

Choose a category

First we need to decide what we will write about. To make the comparison useful and correct, it is necessary that all “fighters” are from the same weight category. If you write about laptops, specify, about gaming or about office. If it’s about coats, decide whether it’s autumn or winter. In the case of cars, everything is simpler: the industry has long divided all cars into classes and price segments. For example, you can write a review article on subcompact crossovers.

We think, what and how to compare

Now we need to decide on the parameters that interest us. The main thing here is to avoid the trap called “I’ll write everything in detail.” First, your potential reader probably does not want to wade through the solid text. Therefore, you need to select the comparison criteria and put them in a separate table or picture.

Highlight the main

This is important – since the reader is most interested in the difference between models, it is necessary to facilitate his task. For this purpose a tablet or simple infographic is suitable, visual content is always perceived better. If you need to do only the text, structure it into paragraphs and select the key parameters in subheadings or in bold type.

The rest of the description should also be structured according to the principle “from the important to the secondary”. Lyrical digressions are best avoided, they are of no use to anyone. First, list the key properties of the product, and then tell us how they will help the consumer.

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Type of essay

There are more than a dozen types of essays, and it’s  really easy to get confused. Albeit, there are some major  types of essay – narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive. And we will talk about them in this article.

Narrative essays

In a narrative essay  author tells the audience a story based on real life experience. The language should be simple and understandable, not overloaded with different terms.

While writing such essay, the narrator should bring his reader closer to the topic, create an impression of a private, friendly conversation.

Such essays are written from the first person, ‘cause it creates a special feeling of being part of the story.

Descriptive essays

Descriptive essay can be compared with painting a picture.

In such work the author must operate with special words, and with their help he or she has to reveal the theme of his essay. This type is aimed at deep interaction with its reader. It has a deeper meaning in itself.

Directed at interaction with audience’s emotions, such essay has a highly evocative results.


This type of essay uses facts, analytics, statistics. Such essay is aimed at detailed disclosure of the object or topic. Using different terms may also be appropriate.

This type shouldn’t be written from the first person as it not aimed at influencing and connecting with the emotions of audience.


If the main aim of expository essay is just representation of facts, the aim of persuasive essay is to make reader adopt writer’s point of view.

The author must be convincing, express his or her opinion logically, based on the experts’ opinion, facts, examples.

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Prejudice or defens

Prejudice. One word and so much bad fillings that makes your heart work faster. To increase the chances of successful pre-defense, one of the student’s orders a diploma from the student, someone tries to cope on their own. This is a test for brave people.

If you successfully passed the pre-defense, you can hardly doubt: there will hardly be surprises on defense. Of course, it will be necessary to worry and, probably, on defense, the estimated score for the thesis will move to one or the other side. But in general, it is already clear on the subject of defense: whether you defend yourself or not

So, why does the chair suit this event and why should it be treated with all seriousness?

First, it is a test of students’ readiness for protection, which will be attended by the state commission. The members of the state commission, so that you know, evaluate not so much the level of graduate work of students, as the level of the department and faculty.

Secondly, this is a dress rehearsal for the graduates. Few students are able to confidently stay in front of the audience.

Thirdly, this is giving a chance to those students whose diploma is slightly “underrepresented” – for whom to an ideal, at least to the minimum acceptable quality. After pre-defense, the teacher can give an opportunity to correct some mistakes. Even if the diploma itself is corrected and will not be given, then over defensive speech and presentation, you can still make it better.

On pre-defense you will need to appear fully armed. Provide the final version of the thesis. This means that you must have already printed the clean copy. True, most faculties are allowed to provide a non-intertwined diploma. (Frankly, in most cases, after pre-defense, small corrections are allowed.

Bring all visual materials, prepare a presentation. All that you are going to show on defense – show at the “dress rehearsal”

Prepare a protective speech. Since the defenders will clearly see the shortcomings of the speech, it will still be possible to rule. But do not treat the speech prepared for pre-defense, as a draft version! The better you act on the front, the higher the chances of getting a high rating for the thesis work, since the teachers will already represent your potential

I hope you understand that pre-defense is very important. If you want to get excellent for your diploma you should be very good this thing.

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Pre-defense joke or not?

This is not a secret if I would tell you that diploma is super difficult thing. During making these scientific jobs you would like to die. And if you can make it before the deadline it doesn’t mean that success already in your pocket. Way not. Prejudice everybody knows but nobody speaks about that. I want to make a small travel to a big job.

In general, the defense takes place in the same way as protection, except in a more informal setting. Your supervisor will be present, most likely other teachers of the department, perhaps – the dean. And your fellow students will also sit on the front.

At the forefront, students read their speeches, demonstrate visual material, answer the questions of teachers and other students (a small trick: you can formulate the questions yourself and give them to comrades). Unlike protection, after your presentation, teachers can make comments, correct mistakes, give advice – how to hold, what your shortcomings in a speech or answers.

Well, the dress code is free, you do not need to dress like at the restaurant. Based on the results of pre-defense, the final wording of the topic will be adopted and the opinion of the supervisor will be sound: the diploma for protection is recommended or not. We recommend to record your speech on video and look at the house. This will help you assess your ability to stay in front of the audience, will allow you to correct your oratorical skills

Is there a chance for rehabilitation if you failed to protect yourself?

Although it seems to be all about your defense, take this event seriously. If teachers have doubts about your ability to withstand protection, you will be strongly advised to defend yourself next year.

The same should be done if the prejudice is failed? If you did not really beat the buckshot when you had to write a diploma, and you are sure that you will be able to “finish” it in the short time that was left before the defense – try to explain it to the teacher. There are no guarantees, but the department can meet halfway. Such issues are resolved on an individual basis.

If you are given a chance, you can not delay. You will most likely not have more than a week to prepare a clean option.

I guess now you can see that pre-defend is not a joke. On this stage depends so much that you should be serious.

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