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Pre-defense joke or not?

This is not a secret if I would tell you that diploma is super difficult thing. During making these scientific jobs you would like to die. And if you can make it before the deadline it doesn’t mean that success already in your pocket. Way not. Prejudice everybody knows but nobody speaks about that. I want to make a small travel to a big job.

In general, the defense takes place in the same way as protection, except in a more informal setting. Your supervisor will be present, most likely other teachers of the department, perhaps – the dean. And your fellow students will also sit on the front.

At the forefront, students read their speeches, demonstrate visual material, answer the questions of teachers and other students (a small trick: you can formulate the questions yourself and give them to comrades). Unlike protection, after your presentation, teachers can make comments, correct mistakes, give advice – how to hold, what your shortcomings in a speech or answers.

Well, the dress code is free, you do not need to dress like at the restaurant. Based on the results of pre-defense, the final wording of the topic will be adopted and the opinion of the supervisor will be sound: the diploma for protection is recommended or not. We recommend to record your speech on video and look at the house. This will help you assess your ability to stay in front of the audience, will allow you to correct your oratorical skills

Is there a chance for rehabilitation if you failed to protect yourself?

Although it seems to be all about your defense, take this event seriously. If teachers have doubts about your ability to withstand protection, you will be strongly advised to defend yourself next year.

The same should be done if the prejudice is failed? If you did not really beat the buckshot when you had to write a diploma, and you are sure that you will be able to “finish” it in the short time that was left before the defense – try to explain it to the teacher. There are no guarantees, but the department can meet halfway. Such issues are resolved on an individual basis.

If you are given a chance, you can not delay. You will most likely not have more than a week to prepare a clean option.

I guess now you can see that pre-defend is not a joke. On this stage depends so much that you should be serious.

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