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Prejudice or defens

Prejudice. One word and so much bad fillings that makes your heart work faster. To increase the chances of successful pre-defense, one of the student’s orders a diploma from the student, someone tries to cope on their own. This is a test for brave people.

If you successfully passed the pre-defense, you can hardly doubt: there will hardly be surprises on defense. Of course, it will be necessary to worry and, probably, on defense, the estimated score for the thesis will move to one or the other side. But in general, it is already clear on the subject of defense: whether you defend yourself or not

So, why does the chair suit this event and why should it be treated with all seriousness?

First, it is a test of students’ readiness for protection, which will be attended by the state commission. The members of the state commission, so that you know, evaluate not so much the level of graduate work of students, as the level of the department and faculty.

Secondly, this is a dress rehearsal for the graduates. Few students are able to confidently stay in front of the audience.

Thirdly, this is giving a chance to those students whose diploma is slightly “underrepresented” – for whom to an ideal, at least to the minimum acceptable quality. After pre-defense, the teacher can give an opportunity to correct some mistakes. Even if the diploma itself is corrected and will not be given, then over defensive speech and presentation, you can still make it better.

On pre-defense you will need to appear fully armed. Provide the final version of the thesis. This means that you must have already printed the clean copy. True, most faculties are allowed to provide a non-intertwined diploma. (Frankly, in most cases, after pre-defense, small corrections are allowed.

Bring all visual materials, prepare a presentation. All that you are going to show on defense – show at the “dress rehearsal”

Prepare a protective speech. Since the defenders will clearly see the shortcomings of the speech, it will still be possible to rule. But do not treat the speech prepared for pre-defense, as a draft version! The better you act on the front, the higher the chances of getting a high rating for the thesis work, since the teachers will already represent your potential

I hope you understand that pre-defense is very important. If you want to get excellent for your diploma you should be very good this thing.

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